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Ben Affleck Buddies Up to Jennifer Garner’s Ghost Boyfriend

Two real guys keeping it real

"John Miller"

Tom Brady Is So Divorced He Lost 15 Pounds

Maybe he should add nightshades back into his diet


David Foster’s Collected Wisdom on Being a Really Old Dad

The 73-year-old musician knows a thing or two about taking care of a baby

Father Time

Celebrity Reconciliation Watch: Exes Sean Penn and Robin Wright “Get Along Great”

Oh no

Together Again

Brie Larson’s Friends Should Check In On Her Stat

She seems to have (nut)cracked


Everything You Need to Know About Kylie Jenner’s Replacement Baby Name For Her 11-Month-Old Son

Aire FKA Wolf


Brad Pitt’s 30ish-Year Age Gap With His Fake Girlfriend Is Totally Chill Man

They are somewhere between 26 and 30 years apart

May Or Maybe June-December Love

Teigen Tales: Chrissy Teigen Gives Birth to Unnamed Infant

Did she get a bikini wax first?


Teigen Tales: Chrissy Teigen Contemplates Third Trimester Bikini Wax

What would you do?


Kanye West Got Spiritually Married to Employee Named Bianca

Possibly so he could have Jesus-approved sex

It's All Yeezy

Happiest Freak On Earth Kaley Cuoco Parties at Baby Shower With 400 Drones

Brad Pitt was there, too

Big Bangs

What Is Larsa Pippen Ever Doing

The Real Housewife was spotted making out with Michael Jordan’s son


Jamie Lynn Spears and Anthony Scaramucci Fall Out of a Plane On ‘Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test’

The most psycho reality show of all time

End Times

Jen Shah Shahtenced to 6.5 Years In Wire Fraud Case

This marketing genius is not going to make it to Andy’s reunion

Not Shah-mazing

What Did Meghan Say to Harry That Got Him Flaming Hot Pissed?

The ‘Spare’ author says his bride inadvertently insulted him in the Queen’s English


Are Lukas Gage and Katie Maloney Dating or Just Being Silly?

The actor and 'Vanderpump Rules' star are giving the Bravo blogs something to talk about


Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt Lock In New Girlfriends for 2023

These babes have signed on the dotted line

Industry News

Celebrity Divorce Watch 2022: Where Are They Now?

Some stars are divorced, and some stars will divorce soon

Bye Bye

Celebrity Winners and Losers of 2022

Final scores revealed here

Game Time

Leonardo DiCaprio Spotted With New Girl, And She’s Much More His Type (23)

Gigi my love, I’m sorry

He's Back